AAES 2022-2023 Committees, Task Forces & Liaisons

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Career Development and Leadership Committee  
Sonia Sugg, MD (Chair) 2022-2025
Mark Cohen, MD  2019-2023
Paul Gauger, MD  2022-2025
Maher Ghanem, MD  2021-2024
Elizabeth Grubbs, MD  2022-2025
Bradford Mitchell, MD  2021-2024
Matthew Nehs, MD  2022-2025
Melwyn Sequeira, MD  2019-2023
Rebecca Sippel, MD  2021-2024
Rajshri Gartland, MD, MPH (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Snehal Patel, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Alaa Sada, MD, MS (Resident/Fellow Member) 2022-2023
Tricia Moo Young, MD (DEI Liasion) 2022-2023
Tracy Wang, MD, MPH (Officer Liasion) 2022-2023
CESQIP Committee  
Aarti Mathur, MD (Chair) 2022-2025
Eyas Alkahili, MD  2022-2025
Robin Cisco, MD  2022-2025
Melanie Goldfarb, MD  2021-2024
Paul Graham, MD  2022-2024
Randall Owen, MD  2022-2025
John Phay, MD  2022-2024
Brian Ruhle, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Aida Taye, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Lauren Krumeich, MD (Resident/Fellow Member) 2022-2023
Barbra Miller, MD (Officer Liaison) 2022-2023
Clinical Practice Committee  
Julie McGill, MD (Chair) 2018-2023
Tom Connally, MD (Vice Chair) 2022-2023
Bridget Brady, MD  2019-2023
Jovenel Cherenfant, MD  2022-2025
Timothy Davis, MD  2021-2024
Cara Govednik, MD  2019-2023
Anna Kundel, MD  2021-2024
Pavel Nockel, DO 2022-2024
Danielle Press, MD  2021-2024
Michael Traynor, MD  2019-2023
Mark Versnick, MD  2022-2025
Kristin Wagner, MD  2022-2025
Jason Glenn, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Tyler Fields, MD (Resident/Fellow Member) 2022-2023
Mira Milas, MD (Officer Liaison) 2022-2023
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee  
Fiemu Nwariaku, MD (Chair) 2020-2023
Sanziana Roman, MD (Vice Chair) 2022-2023
Anthony Boganey, MD  2020-2023
Amy Grover, MD  2020-2023
Ana Islam, MD  2020-2023
Denise Lee, MD  2022-2025
James Lim, MD  2020-2023
William Mendez, MD  2020-2023
Tricia Moo Young, MD  2020-2023
Minerva Romero Arenas, MD  2020-2023
Adriana Ramirez, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Rhea Udyavar, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Polina Zmijewski, MD (Current Fellow) 2022-2023
Gustavo Romerez-Velez, MD (Resident/Fellow Member) 2022-2023
Cord Sturgeon, MD (AAES President) 2022-2023
Barbra Miller, MD (AAES Secretary) 2022-2025
Education Committee  
Adam Kabaker, MD (Chair) 2019-2024
Eren Berber, MD  2019-2023
Sally Carty, MD  2022-2024
Patricia Cronin, MD  2021-2024
David Hughes, MD  2019-2023
Amin Madani, MD  2021-2024
Alberto Molinari, MD  2021-2023
Bryan Richmond, MD  2021-2024
Brian Saunders, MD  2022-2025
Oliver Fackelmeyer, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Irene Lou, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
T.K. Pandian, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Hunter Underwood, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Philip Crepeau, MD (Resident/Fellow Member) 2022-2023
Amanda Doubleday, MD (Resident/Fellow Member) 2022-2023
Omair Shariq, MD (Resident/Fellow Member) 2022-2023
Carmen Solórzano, MD (Officer Liaison) 2022-2023
Endocrine Surgeon Identity Committee  
Lindsay Kuo, MD (Co-Chair) 2018-2024
Feibi Zheng, MD (Co-Chair) 2019-2024
Maria Bates, MD  2022-2025
David Bimston, MD  2021-2023
James Broome, MD  2022-2025
Azadeh Carr, MD  2021-2024
Kathryn Coan, MD  2022-2025
Mark Cohen, MD  2021-2024
Travis Cotton, MD  2021-2023
Peter DiPasco, MD  2019-2023
Christine Landry, MD  2019-2023
Amy Quillo, MD  2022-2024
Neil Saunders, MD  2021-2023
Meredith Sorensen, MD  2019-2023
Michael Stang, MD  2018-2023
Talia Burneikis, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Aditya Shirali, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Valerie Armstrong, MD (Resident/Fellow Member) 2022-2023
Brianne Wiemann, MD (Resident/Fellow Member) 2022-2023
Barbra Miller, MD (Officer Liaison) 2022-2023
Endocrine Surgery University Director  
Wen Shen, MD, MA 2019-2023
Ethics Committee  
Peter Angelos, MD (Chair) 2019-2023
Megan Applewhite, MD (Vice Chair) 2022-2023
Barbra Miller, MD (AAES Secretary) 2022-2025
Karen Devon, MD  2021-2024
Scott Grant, MD  2022-2024
Janice Pasieka, MD  2022-2025
Rohit Ranganath, MD  2022-2024
Hau-lun Rachel Liou, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
George Taylor, MD (Resident/Fellow Member) 2022-2023
Fellowship Committee  
Jennifer Kuo, MD (Chair) 2021-2024
Sally Carty, MD   
Alan Dackiw, MD   
Sophie Dream, MD   
Benzon Dy, MD   
Miguel F. Herrera, MD   
Sarah Fisher, MD   
Courtney Gibson, MD   
Paul Graham, MD   
Adrian Harvey, MD   
David Hughes, MD   
Thomas J. Fahey, MD   
Xavier Keutgen, MD   
John Lew, MD   
Brenessa Lindeman, MD   
Masha Livhits, MD   
Aarti Mathur, MD   
Stacey Milan, MD   
Lilah Morris-Wiseman, MD   
Matthew Nehs, MD   
Randall Owen, MD   
Jesse Pasternak, MD   
Wilmarie Romero, MD   
Neil Saunders, MD   
Randall Scheri, MD   
Wen Shen, MD   
Allan Siperstein, MD   
Rebecca Sippel, MD   
Antonia Stephen, MD   
Insoo Suh, MD   
David Winchester, MD   
Linwah Yip, MD   
Philip Haigh, MD  2021-2024
Ralph Tufano, MD  2019-2023
Cord Sturgeon, MD (AAES President) 2022-2023
Barb Miller, MD (AAES Secretary) 2022-2025
Kristin McCoy, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Vivek Sant, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Peter Abraham, MD (Resident/Fellow Member) 2022-2023
Fellowship Accreditation Committee  
Raymon Grogan, MD (Chair) 2021-2024
Frederick Drake, MD  2021-2024
Elizabeth Grubbs, MD  2019-2023
Christina Maser, MD  2021-2024
Kelly McCoy, MD  2022-2025
Elliot Mitmaker, MD  2019-2023
David Velazquez-Fernandez, MD  2022-2025
Amna Khokar, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Thomas Szabo Yamashita, MD (Resident/Fellow Member) 2022-2023
Cord Sturgeon, MD (AAES President) 2022-2023
Barb Miller, MD (AAES Secretary) 2022-2025
Jennifer Kuo, MD (Fellowship Chair) 2021-2024
Global Surgery Task Force  
Kristin Long, MD (Chair) 2020-2023
David Brams, MD (Vice Chair) 2022-2023
Manuel Duran Poveda, MD  2021-2024
William Inabnet, MD  2021-2024
Mira Milas, MD (Officer Liaison) 2022-2023
Guidelines and Emerging Therapeutics Committee  
Linwah Yip, MD (Chair) 2019-2023
Scott Wilhelm, MD (Vice Chair) 2022-2023
Melissa Boltz, MD  2019-2023
Dawn Elfenbein, MD  2022-2025
Jessica Gosnell, MD  2019-2023
Reza Rahbari, MD  2021-2024
Carolyn Seib, MD  2020-2023
Insoo Suh, MD  2022-2025
Douglas Turner, MD  2022-2025
James Wu, MD  2022-2025
Nicole Zern, MD  2021-2024
Stephanie Davis, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Catherine McManus, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Edwina Moore, MD (Corresponding Member) 2022-2023
David Levine, MD (Resident/Fellow Member) 2022-2023
Kepal Patel, MD (Officer Liaison) 2022-2023
IT Committee  
Geeta Lal, MD (Chair) 2019-2023
David Schneider, MD (Vice Chair) 2022-2023
Yufei Chen, MD  2021-2023
Benzon Dy, MD  2019-2023
Farah Karipineni, MD  2021-2024
Dhaval Patel, MD  2019-2023
Christopher Raeburn, MD  2019-2023
Samira Sadowski, MD  2021-2024
Chee-Chee Stucky, MD  2022-2025
Sean Wrenn, MD  2022-2025
Eric Kuo, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Daniel Hubbs, MD (Resident/Fellow Member) 2022-2023
Barbra Miller, MD (Officer Liaison) 2022-2023
Liaisons & Representatives  
Focused Practice Designation:  Peter Angelos, MD  2020-2023
Patient Representative: ThyCa:  Gary Bloom, MD  2019-2023
ACS Board of Governors, Alternate:  Herb Chen, MD  2021-2024
Patient Representative: GDATF:  Kimberly Dorris, MD  2019-2023
Endocrine Section Council of AMA, (SSS):  Dina Elaraj, MD  2021-2023
ATA Liaison:  Elizabeth Grubbs, MD  2021-2023
NANETS Liaison:  James Howe, MD  2019-2023
ACS NSQIP:  Rachel Kelz, MD  2018-2023
Complex General Surgical Oncology Board and American Board of Surgery (ABS):  Lawrence Kim, MD  2019-2023
Endocrine Society Liaison:  Naris Nilubol, MD  2022-2023
Commission on Cancer:  Reese Randle, MD  2022-2023
AACE Liaison:  Jyotirmay Sharma, MD  2022-2023
Patient Representative: ParaTroupers:  Angelia Sherertz, MD  2019-2023
ACS Board of Governors:  Carmen Solórzano, MD  2018-2023
Local Arrangements Committee Chair  
Jessica Fazendin, MD (Co-Chair) 2022-2023
Brenessa Lindeman, MD (Co-Chair) 2022-2023
Shelby Holt, MD  2022-2023
Vikrim Krishnamurthy, MD  2022-2025
Michael W. Yeh, MD  2019-2023
Anthony Yang, MD (Program Chair) 2022-2023
Denise Carneiro-Pla, MD (Vice Program Chair) 2022-2023
Barbra Miller, MD (Secretary) 2022-2025
Membership Committee  
Shaghayegh Aliabadi, MD (Chair) 2021-2024
Toni Beninato, MD  2019-2023
Amy Fox, MD  2022-2025
Adrian Harvey, MD  2021-2024
James Howe, MD  2021-2024
Kelly Lovell, MD (Affiliate Provider Member) 2022-2023
Joana Ochoa, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Maheshwaran Sivarajah, MD (Resident/Fellow Member) 2022-2023
Tracy Wang, MD (Officer Liaison) 2022-2023
Mission Birmingham  
Adam Kabaker, MD (Education Chair) 2021-2024
Geeta Lal, MD (IT Chair) 2019-2023
David Schneider, MD (IT Vice Chair) 2022-2023
Yasmine Assadipour, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Simon Holoubek, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Maureen Moore, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Mohamad Sidani, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Tiffany Sinclair, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Daniela Treitl, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Susana Vargas-Pinto, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Susan Wcislak, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Ki Won Kim, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Michele Minuto, MD (Corresponding Member) 2022-2023
Richard Maduka, MD (Resident/Fellow Member) 2022-2023
Omer Ul Hassan, MD (Resident/Fellow Member) 2022-2023
Rongzhi Wang, MD (Resident/Fellow Member) 2022-2023
Barbra Miller, MD (Officer Liaison) 2022-2023
Nominating Committee  
Herbert Chen, MD (Chair) 2018-2023
Thomas Fahey, MD  2021-2025
Allan Siperstein, MD  2019-2024
Cord Sturgeon, MD  2022-2025
Patient Advocacy Committee  
Masha Livhits, MD (Chair) 2021-2024
Amanda Laird, MD  2022-2025
Lilah Morris-Wiseman, MD  2019-2025
Sarah Oltmann, MD  2021-2024
Jennifer Rosen, MD  2022-2025
Joyce Shin, MD  2021-2024
Stacey Woodruff, MD  2020-2023
Justin Yozawitz, MD  2019-2023
Lisa LaFay, MD (Affiliate Provider Member) 2022-2023
Christel McGillicuddy, MD (Affiliate Provider Member) 2022-2023
Sara Abou Azar, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Gary Bloom, MD (Patient Representative) 2018-2023
Tricia Tidwell, MD (Patient Representative) 2018-2023
Sara Cartwright, MD (Resident/Fellow Member) 2022-2023
Mira Milas, MD (Officer Liaison) 2022-2023
Program Committee  
Anthony Yang, MD (Chair) 2021-2023
Denise Carneiro-Pla, MD (Vice Chair) 2019-2023
Michael Campbell, MD  2021-2024
Paxton Dickson, MD  2022-2025
Erin Felger, MD  2022-2025
Abbey Fingeret, MD  2019-2023
Brendan Finnerty, MD  2022-2025
Tammy Holm, MD  2021-2024
Colleen Kiernan, MD  2022-2025
Peter Mazzaglia, MD  2018-2023
Jesse Pasternak, MD  2022-2025
Randall Scheri, MD  2021-2024
Francis Lee, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Jessica McMullin, MD (Resident/Fellow Member) 2022-2023
Cord Sturgeon, MD (President) 2022-2023
Kepal Patel, MD (Recorder) 2021-2024
Barbra Miller, MD (Secretary) 2022-2025
Nancy Cho, MD (Poster Chair) 2022-2023
Timothy Ullmann, MD (Poster, Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Research Committee  
Benjamin James, MD (Chair) 2022-2025
Heather Wachtel, MD (LoGerfo Award Winner) 2019-2023
Irene Min, MD (ThyCa Award Winner) 2022-2024
Naira Baregamian, MD  2019-2023
Priya Dedhia, MD  2022-2025
Mahsa Javid, MD  2021-2024
Muthusamy Kunnimalaiyaan, MD  2019-2023
Jennifer Ogilvie, MD  2021-2024
Susan Pitt, MD  2022-2025
Jason Prescott, MD  2022-2025
Brian Untch, MD  2022-2025
Kyle Zanocco, MD  2022-2025
Claire Graves, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Jason Liu, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Jordan Broekhuis, MD (Resident/Fellow Member) 2022-2023
Alessandra Moore, MD (Resident/Fellow Member) 2022-2023
Cord Sturgeon, MD (Officer Liaison) 2022-2023
Quality Verification Program (QVP) Exploratory Task Force  
Allan Siperstein, MD (Chair) 2022-2023
Barb Miller, MD (Secretary) 2022-2023
Peter Angelos, MD  2022-2023
Toni Beninato, MD  2022-2023
Herb Chen, MD  2022-2023
Quan Duh, MD  2022-2023
Tom Fahey, MD  2022-2023
David Hughes, MD  2022-2023
William Inabnet, MD  2022-2023
Benjamin James, MD  2022-2023
Sarah Oltmann, MD  2022-2023
David Schneider, MD  2022-2023
Melwyn Sequeira, MD  2022-2023
Carmen Solorzano, MD  2022-2023
Cord Sturgeon, MD  2022-2023
Jon Russel, MD (Allied Specialist Member) 2022-2023
Yasmine Assadipour, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023
Rajshri Gartland, MD (Candidate Member) 2022-2023