AAES List Rental Policy

Policy last updated: 5/30/2023

The AAES member list consists of over 500 members located across the Americas (United States, Canada, Mexico, Central, and South America) and abroad. The majority of AAES members reside in the United States.

Per the AAES List Rental Policy, the member list can be purchased for a one-time use (not for academic research) according to the fee structure below. AAES requires approval of all content prior to distribution. For an electronic list rental, AAES will distribute the email on your behalf, unless other arrangements for distribution are discussed and approved.

Individuals or groups may purchase a one-time email sent out by the AAES as outlined below:

  • $500 for an AAES member in good standing
  • $1,500 for sister societies
  • $5,000 for industry usage

List rental requests can be submitted to AAES using the list rental request form. All requests will be vetted by the AAES Secretary with final approval for distribution determined by the AAES Officers with input from the Council as needed.


For those wanting to survey the AAES membership for research purposes, please visit the Research Survey Policy page for more information.