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At the 40th Annual AAES Meeting in Los Angeles, CA this April, a new President was sworn into office for the upcoming 2019-2020 fiscal year. Congratualtions to Dr. Allan Siperstein! In addition, several new Officers and Councilors were announced, including:

President-Elect: Thomas Fahey, MD
Vice President: Richard Hodin, MD
Treasurer: Tracy Wang, MD, MPH
Councilor: Carrie Lubitz, MD, MPH
Councilor: Peter Czako, MD

Congratulations to the new team of AAES leaders! 

Shortly after the Annual Meeting, Committee and Task Force appointments were announced. Click here to view the 2019-2020 Committee and Task Force rosters.

In April 2019, the AAES held its 40th Annual Meeting. The AAES and AAES Foundation have embarked on a capital campaign to celebrate the scientific achievement and clinical excellence of the society and its members. As part of this campaign, the leadership of both organizations have outlined three major goals:

  1. Celebrate the legacy of key pioneers and living legends in the field of endocrine surgery by endowing lectureships in their honor.
  2. Expand the existing research awards to offer additional grants at higher levels of funding to AAES members embarking on important research.
  3. Support new endeavors and educational opportunities for AAES members in the field of endocrine surgery.

The campaign hopes to raise a minimum of $400,000 to help fund the important goals of both organizations. Join your colleagues in making a gift to support the best and the brightest endocrine surgeons in the country.

Visit aaesfoundation.org/donate/40campaign to donate. 

The AAES shares practice guideline resources including those that have been written and published by AAES members. Check out the latest practice guidlines here.

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AAES members now have the ability to post new courses and new calls for collaboration for research studies. Login to the Members Only area to submit a form with your course or research study information to AAES. Once approved, search for your listing and others on the Research Collaboration page and the Courses/Meetings of Interest Page.

While logged into the Member's Only area you can access select presentations from the 2018 Annual Meeting including the Interesting Cases session and the lunch session on The Business of Endocrine Surgery. 

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