Committee Descriptions

Want to get involved but not sure what committee or task force is the right fit for you? Review these descriptions for an overview:


Career Development and Leadership Committee
Advance the careers of AAES Members and foster the next generation of leaders through education and advocacy.

CESQIP Committee
Maintains and oversees the aggregate data of the CESQIP registry which includes the vetting of data proposals. As the registry data set matures, the Committee will actively participate in Best Practice development to advance quality in endocrine surgery.

Clinical Practice Committee
Enhance the quality and breadth of AAES offerings dedicated to clinical practice with a particular focus on the needs of practitioners with solely clinically-based practices.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee
Work for the advancement of all members and forge a more equitable and compassionate healthcare system for all regardless of color, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, creed, or disability.

Education Committee
Continually enhance the quality and breadth of educational offerings to Members, patients, and professional partners.

Endocrine Surgery Identity Committee
Position AAES as the thought leader in endocrine surgical disease among the public, professional partners, affiliated societies, insurers, and healthcare organizations.

Ethics Committee
Address ethical matters for the AAES through thoughtful inquiry, assessment, and education.

Fellowship Accreditation Committee
Oversee the quality and integrity of AAES Fellowship programs through a rigorous approval and review process.

Fellowship Committee
Oversee the Fellowship Match and advancement of the AAES Fellowship Programs.

Global Surgery Committee
Provide resources for AAES Members to engage in sustainable Global Surgery opportunities, partnership, and education.

Guidelines and Emerging Therapeutics Committee
To optimize surgical management of endocrine tumors and conditions by a) supporting the development, maintenance and dissemination of evidence-based guidelines and statements and b) ascertaining the safety and impact of relevant emerging therapeutics and technology.

Information Technology Committee
Create, maintain, and innovate the digital offerings of the AAES.

Membership Committee
Oversee and optimize the Membership application and selection process.

Patient Advocacy Committee
Position the AAES as the thought leader in endocrine surgical disease among patients and patient advocacy groups.

Program Committee
Ensure the highest standards of the scientific program at the Annual Scientific Meeting.

Research Committee
Champion the advancement of research and science in endocrine surgery.

Task Force: Mission Birmingham
Help with the content implementation process for the new patient education website and future member learning modules.