Committee Descriptions

Want to get involved but not sure what committee or task force is the right fit for you? Review these descriptions for an overview:


Career and Leadership Development Committee
Help establish partnerships with other surgical societies to advance the career and leadership development of endocrine surgeons.

CESQIP Committee
Maintains and oversees the aggregate data of the CESQIP registry which includes the vetting of data proposals. As the registry data set matures, the Committee will actively participate in Best Practice development to advance quality in endocrine surgery.

Community Based Surgeons Committee
Develop initiatives and programs that support the development and maintenance of a successful clinical practice in endocrine surgery.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee
Explore ways to create opportunities for individuals from underrepresented communities and ensure that the policies of the AAES fully support the goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Education Committee
Develop educational materials and educational programming that helps to inform and educate our members as well as our patients and other healthcare providers.

Endocrine Surgeon Identify Committee
Work on the initiative of branding, marketing, and media efforts to educate the public and providers about endocrine surgeons.

Ethics Committee
Help guide the AAES in maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct. Responsibilities include guiding the society in creating educational programming pertaining to ethics and professionalism as well as assessing and adjudicating conflict of interest disclosures.

Fellowship or Fellowship Accreditation Committee
Oversee the curriculum and training of endocrine surgery fellows. Coordinate the annual Fellowship match process. Oversee the accreditation process of new and existing programs.

Guidelines and Emerging Therapeutics Committee
Description coming soon!

Global Surgery Committee
Develop and foster partnerships between endocrine surgeons across the globe, particularly in lower-resource settings.  Foster opportunities for international humanitarian engagement and define best practices in international surgical outreach. .

Membership Committee
Develop programs to address member needs and enhance member satisfaction. Review membership applications and requirements, and work to streamline the membership application process.

IT Committee
Lead the content development and curation for the AAES website and social media channels.

Patient Advocacy Committee
Partner with patient support groups to identify the educational needs of patients and work to identify programs that the AAES can develop to help improve the education of patients.

Research Committee
Review research proposals for AAES awards and survey requests. Interact with the AAES Foundation on fundraising efforts that support research initiatives. Help to educate membership about relevant research and to improve the quality of research done by AAES members.

Task Force: Mission Birmingham
Help with the content implementation process for the new patient education website and future member learning modules.