Learn About Membership in the AAES

Membership in this Association shall be limited to physicians, clinical care providers, scientists, and students of good professional standing, who have a major interest and devote significant portions of their practice or research to endocrine surgery, and who meet the criteria of the appropriate Membership categories as delineated below. Membership in the AAES is voluntary and shall consist of the following Membership categories: Active, Affiliate Provider, Allied Specialist, Candidate, Corresponding, Honorary, Medical Student, Resident/Fellow, and Senior. 

Membership dues for the AAES are collected on an annual basis and are due no later than June 30th of each year. Members who have not paid dues by March 31 of the following year, shall be notified by the Association of their delinquency. Any Member whose dues remain unpaid for a period of two (2) years from the due date, shall be dropped from Membership. The Member may be reinstated following payment of the dues in arrears on approval of the Membership Committee.

Beginning with the 2022 membership cycle, the AAES moved from a flat rate per membership type to a tiered dues structure, with reduced dues for members who live in lower income countries, based on the World Bank classification. AAES Tier 1 includes high income countries, Tier 2 includes upper middle income countries, and Tier 3 includes lower middle and low income countries. The tiered structure is incorporated into the dues for Active, Allied Specialist, Corresponding, Candidate, and Resident/Fellow Members. Affiliate Provider fees were reduced to $75; there was no change to the current structure of fees for Medical Students and Senior members.

AAES Membership Dues for Tier 1 / Tier 2 / Tier 3 (listed in USD):
Active members: $400 / $150 / $100
Allied Specialist members: $400 / $150 / $100
Corresponding members: $250 / $100 / $50
Affiliate Provider members: $75
Candidate members: $250 / $100 / $50
Resident/Fellow members: $100 / $50 / $0
Medical Student members: $0
Senior members: $0


Membership Types and General Requirements

Active Membership is limited to surgeons who are Fellows of the American College of Surgeons (ACS) or its international equivalent and of good professional standing, who have demonstrated a significant commitment to and documented excellence in clinical practice, education, and/or research in their area(s) of practice within endocrine surgery. In addition, Active members shall provide certification by the American Board of Surgery or its equivalent in Canada (FRCSC), Central America, Mexico, or South America. Benefits include being listed in the Find-A-Surgeon tool on the AAES website.

Allied Specialist Membership consists of specialists with a special interest in endocrine surgery who are either a physician with American Board certification in their respective field or its equivalent in Canada, Central America, Mexico or South America, or a non-physician who is a career scientist with an MD, Master’s Degree, Ph.D., or equivalent degree from an institution acceptable to the Council. Allied Specialists shall be Fellows of the American College of Surgeons, FACE, FACR, FACP, ACP, or international equivalent, or can be faculty of a medical or scientific institution acceptable to the Council.

Corresponding Membership Shall consist of individuals who meet all the same qualifications for Active membership, but because of geographic location, cannot meet the obligations of Active Membership. Corresponding members should be surgeons with similar interests and qualifications with the equivalent of ABS certification and Fellowship in ACS in other countries.

Candidate Membership is limited to surgeons who have completed their surgical training and are awaiting the necessary credentials to qualify for Active or Allied Specialist membership. Candidate membership is limited to a period of no more than three (3) years following all continuous training to include residency and fellowship(s). Fellows who graduate from an AAES-accredited fellowship in Comprehensive Endocrine Surgery will be transitioned to Candidate Membership automatically at the end of their fellowship training, provided they were previously Resident/Fellow Members. Candidate Members are eligible to apply for Active Membership as long as the candidate submits proof that her/his application for Fellowship in the American College of Surgeons or its international equivalent is pending. Once accepted as an Active Member, final induction will occur once FACS status is obtained.

Resident/Fellow Membership is limited to individuals, who are currently training, either as surgical residents or fellows. Resident/Fellow membership is limited to the time that an individual is in a residency, research, or clinical fellowship training program. Current AAES Endocrine Surgery Fellows in good standing will be transitioned to Candidate Membership automatically at the end of their fellowship training. An additional application shall not be required for these individuals.

Medical Student membership is limited to medical students in an LCME-accredited institution or equivalent body are eligible for Medical Student Membership. Medical Student Members may continue as Medical Student Members until graduation from medical school.

Affiliate Provider membership shall consist of nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nursing specialists other non-physician health care providers with certification in their respective fields in the United States, Canada, Central America, Mexico or South America.

Senior membership consists of Active, Affiliate Provider, Allied Specialist, and Corresponding Members who have retired from active clinical practice or have a disability or illness precluding them from active clinical practice. Those members may submit a request for a change of status from Active, Affiliate Provider, Allied Specialist, or Corresponding Membership to Senior Membership in writing to the Chair of the Membership Committee and Secretary. Senior Members are not included in the Association Surgeon Finder. Members over 65 years of age who are still in active clinical practice may choose to remain an Active Member in order to be listed in the Association Surgeon Finder.


Applying for AAES Membership

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