AAES Crowdfunding Grants - July 2021

The Endocrine Surgeon Identity Committee is pleased to introduce the 2021 Crowdfunding Grant. This pilot grant program seeks to provide crowdfunded seed money for early career investigators for short term research projects. The goal of the program is to build closer connections with our patient advocacy groups and to increase the visibility of young endocrine surgeons.

Our first partnership is with Paratroupers. Project proposals will be reviewed by members of the AAES research and patient advocacy committees, ESIC, and Paratroupers. Projects will then be put up during the month of July for crowdfunding. Since we are doing this for the first time, there is some uncertainty about the amount of money that can be raised through this mechanism. Based on other crowdfunding platforms, we anticipate that $2000-$5000 is an attainable goal.

Proposed projects should be self contained and should be completed within a year. Please see the attached RFP for more details. Please note that any research topic involving parathyroid disease is welcome, however, the three topics curated from the Paratroupers membership in terms of their greatest interest are the following:

  1. System-level interventions for workup of hypercalcemic patients/strategies to address under-diagnosis
  2. Normocalcemic hyperparathyroidism
  3. Decision-making for focused versus bilateral exploration

Click here to download the proposal application. Please send your proposals to [email protected] by June 1. We look forward to your proposals.

Feibi Zheng, MD, MBA and Lindsay Kuo, MD, MBA
on behalf of the ESIC, Research, and Patient Advocacy Committees