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AAES Annual Meeting 2015
May 17-19, 2015
Nashville, TN
LAC Chair: Carmen C. Solorzano, MD

AAES Annual Meeting 2016
April 10-12, 2016
Baltimore, MD
LAC Chair: John A. Olson, Jr., MD

AAES Annual Meeting 2017
Dates TBA
Portland, OR
LAC Chair: Mira Milas, MD

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Winter 2014

Message From Our President
Sally E. Carty, MD, FACS

SALLY E. CARTYWarm Greetings! Yes it's been a cold and dark season for many members lately but AAES has a number of positive things going on this winter. For the 2014 Boston Annual Meeting this April, Kepal Patel and Rich Hodin have worked to arrange absolutely wonderful scientific and social programs respectively. In keeping with this year's AAES theme of Education, the Boston program features a special ITOG session on the latest in thyroid, a panel on the controversies of perioperative laryngoscopy, and live hands-on participation in laryngeal ultrasound and laryngoscopy stations. Boston is a fantastic city to explore and I urge you to arrive Saturday so as to enjoy all the meeting has to offer on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

AAES is an organization of volunteer surgeons, and surgeons tend to lead busy lives. As AAES grows in size and depth, the amount of dedicated, cheerful work that is done by our committee members, chairs, and officers is often truly astounding. I am grateful to each and every one. You can read their individual reports in this newsletter, but I want to especially recognize the extra-competent labors of Nancy Perrier our Secretary-Treasurer, Herb Chen our impeccable Recorder, Tracy Wang who runs the fellowship match, and Adeena Bleich and her team at BSC, our new society management company.

One specific way that AAES is growing lately, is in the area of community practice. Decades ago endocrine surgery was predominately an academic discipline, but no longer. To encourage all AAES members to have a voice, this year we established the Community-Based Surgery committee chaired by Cory Foster. The first CBS pursuit is a short epidemiologic survey that you will receive this month - I encourage you to respond so that your ideas can be heard! I am also excited to report that the AAES CESQIP initiative for quality improvement is moving forward in great strides under the leadership of Dr. Barry Inabnet (read full CESQIP Report below).

Another source of growth for AAES is in the area of national recognition, and for this outcome we are grateful for the vision of many past presidents. This year, I am excited to announce the development of the AAES Parathyroidectomy Guidelines. After two decades of rapid innovation in the field, this AAES initiative brings together North American experts to make consensus recommendations on best-conduct parathyroid surgery for primary hyperparathyroidism, and will emphasize the data-based approaches to definitive care. Since many of the seminal papers were written by AAES members, the endeavor is a natural outcome of our tradition of asking useful questions in the service of patients. Scott Wilhelm is coordinating the writing group output and if you have suggestions or comments, please contact either of us at (cartyse@upmc.edu) or Scott.Wilhelm@UHhospitals.org.

Many members have recently expressed their grief concerning the loss of Dr. Per-Ola Granberg who was a founding member and past president of the International Association of Endocrine Surgeons (IAES). Professor Granberg was also the first to call endocrine surgeons "the friendly surgeons", and this month as his international colleagues share their thoughts in memoriam, it is abundantly clear that he himself was the embodiment of that precept. AAES deeply mourns his passing.

In conclusion, I have been so honored to be your President this year. In working to advance the initiatives, traditions and goals of our society, over and over I've encountered fresh examples of what AAES members prize so highly: integrity, fluid problem solving, data-based thinking, mutual respect, effort, and good humor. I salute you, and look forward to seeing you in Boston!

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Message From Our Secretary-Treasurer
Nancy D. Perrier, MD, FACS


Happy 2014! Our membership is growing and the Secretary-Treasurer's office is astutely aware of the needs of its expanding membership. We are responding by strengthening the society's infrastructure and striving to provide more resources to members and to improve patients' educational needs. You will notice strides to improve the website, official record keeping, institutional memory, and the association calendar. We have initiated a practice of holding secured, online, interactive meetings and videoconferencing for the Executive Council and Program Committees. We transitioned to a fully electronic abstract grading process. Payment and membership updates have been improved (unless payment is with Canadian money - just ask Dr. Pasieka!) Our new management transition has been smooth and we remain fiscally responsible with your dues.

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Office of the Recorder
Herbert Chen, MD


I hope everyone enjoyed the December 2013 issue of SURGERY. We are grateful that the journal has allowed the expansion of the AAES issue to include more Podium papers, the "Best Poster Presentation" winner, and the "Best Case Presentation" winner.

We are very excited about the AAES program for the April meeting in Boston. Please remember that the deadline for manuscript submission for Podium Papers is March 1. Please submit your manuscript online at http://ees.elsevier.com/surg.After you register, click on "submit a new paper", enter the title, and then choose this category from the drop down menu: "AAES Society Paper."

I would also like to remind Poster Presenters to submit their manuscript to ANNALS OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY at the following link: https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/aso. Please remember to select "AAES manuscript" from the dropdown menu. The first 10 submitted papers will not have to pay the manuscript submission fee.

I am always looking for members and endocrine surgery fellows to review manuscripts for SURGERY, ANNALS OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY, and ANNALS OF SURGERY. Please email me at chen@surgery.wisc.edu if you would like to be an ad hoc reviewer.

Thanks for your support!

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Committee Rosters

The AAES appreciates all the volunteer leaders that help make the work of the society a success. For a complete listing of all AAES Committees, please visit www.endocrinesurgery.org/membership/governance/committees.html.

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Program Committee Chair Report
Kepal Patel, MDKepal

On behalf of this year's program committee, I would like to welcome you to the 2014 AAES Annual Meeting and provide a brief overview of the exciting and cutting-edge scientific program we have planned for Boston. This year we received over 225 excellent abstracts covering the entire breadth of endocrine surgery practice and science. We initiated a new abstract submission process which was a huge success. We expanded the abstract categories to ensure a broad and comprehensive program. The review process was very competitive with all Program Committee members and senior ad-hoc committee members grading each abstract. Each member worked very hard to provide the fairest grading process. As such the program includes the top 40 accepted oral podium presentations and 40 poster presentations. The posters will be judged by the past-presidents during our Sunday morning Poster Walk-Around Session on April 27th. To allow for more time for Oral podium discussions, this year we will not have an oral poster session. The top scoring basic/translational science and clinical poster will be awarded at the President's Gala Dinner on Monday evening.

This year's meeting highlights include:

  1. The International Thyroid Oncology Group: What Surgeons Need to Know: An Update On the Latest Clinical Trials and Research
  2. Voice and Laryngeal Evaluation with Hands on Stations for flexible fiberoptic laryngoscopy and laryngeal ultrasound
  3. Historical Lecture- by former American College of Surgeons President, Dr. Patricia Numann
  4. President's Invited Lecturer- World renowned expert in the molecular pathogenesis of thyroid cancer, Dr. Yuri Nikiforov, Professor of Pathology, University of Pittsburgh
  5. Our annual Interesting Case Session led by our Vice-President, Dr. Julie Ann Sosa
  6. An exciting Nurse and Advanced Practice Professionals session on "The Endocrine Team in Action"
  7. Most importantly an opportunity to reconnect with colleagues, friends and family! And create new ones!

We will continue to utilize an interactive audience response system to elicit feedback from the membership on controversial topics throughout the meeting. It has truly been an honor to serve as Program Committee Chair this year and I would like to thank Drs. Carty, Perrier and all of the members of the Program Committee for their dedication and hard work to generate a fantastic, high-caliber scientific program I am sure you will enjoy. I look forward to seeing you in Boston in April.

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Membership Committee Chair Report
Fiemu Nwariaku, MD


It is my pleasure to report that the AAES continues to enjoy robust growth in all its membership categories in 2014. We now have 239 active members and our overall membership continues to grow. In 2013 we received 53 new member applications. These new members will be formally introduced at the 2014 Annual Meeting in Boston. Let me take this opportunity to thank the membership committee, Drs Yeh, Sugg and Solorzano, for their tremendous effort on the Committee. We are also appreciative of the continuing support of the Executive Council as we develop programs to expand the AAES membership.

Our Senior category continues to grow. I am pleased that we continue to enjoy the counsel and experience of a robust and committed Senior members. These individuals represent the institutional memory of our organization and their unflagging commitment is a true testament to the relevance of the AAES.

Finally, the AAES will continue the tradition of holding an invitation only New member breakfast in honor of our newly elected Active, Allied and Corresponding members which will be held during the Annual Meeting on Monday, April 28, 2014.

We continue to recruit new members and encourage each of you to share information about membership with colleagues. Requirements for membership can be obtained at www.endocrinesurgery.org or by contacting our membership director Wanda Myers at wanda@endocrinesurgery.org.

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Fellowship Committee Chair Report
Tracy S. Wang, MD, MPH


In September 2013, the AAES Fellowship Match successfully placed 24 outstanding candidates to the 23 Endocrine Surgery programs across the United States and Canada. Congratulations to the incoming Class of 2014!

The AAES is sponsoring the 2014 Match for clinical fellowship positions, starting July 2015. The online application process will open on March 1, 2014. The match will occur in September 2014; exact dates will be available on the AAES webpage later this spring.

For additional information, please go to www.endocrinesurgery.org or contact the AAES Headquarters Office (match@endocrinesurgery.org), or Dr. Tracy Wang (tswang@mcw.edu).

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William B. Inabnet III, MD, FACS


The Collaborative Endocrine Surgery Quality Improvement Program (CESQIP) is off to a great start. Thyroid CESQIP was launched in November 2013, followed by Parathyroid CESQIP in mid December 2013. It is anticipated that the Adrenal and NET CESQIP modules will be live by mid to late March 2014. In the first 2 months, a total of 52 end users from 16 programs registered to participate with CESQIP. Given the number of inquiries from around the nation, the 2014 CESQIP participation is expected to increase at a dramatic pace. CESQIP aims to be inclusive; accordingly, enrollment is open to all interested specialties, including non-AAES members.

The initial feedback has been positive as participants recognize the ease and uncomplicated nature of the data entry process. The initial entry of data takes about 2 minutes for a new patient but the pathology, 30-day and longitudinal data entry does require that the CESQIP patient record be entered at least once after the initial intake. The reporting structure is not yet fully functional, as there needs to be adequate data in order to generate meaningful reports. Each end user will have access to his/her own data and can compare his/her patient demographic data, practice pattern, outcomes and resource utilization to other participating programs/surgeons, which are all de-identified. Please give CESQIP a try – you will love it.

Please save the date for our informational CESQIP webinar!

CESQIP: A dynamic QA initiative for monitoring outcomes in thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal and neuroendocrine surgery
March 26, 2014 at 4pm EST

For more details or to register, please visit http://arbormetrix.com/w3-abstract/.

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AAES 2014 Annual Meeting in Boston
Make Your Reservations Today! Prices Increase After April 2


Mark your calendar NOW for The American Association of Endocrine Surgeons 35th Annual Meeting, to be held April 27-29, 2014 in Boston, MA. The meeting will feature 40 oral presentations, interesting cases, poster competitions, exhibits and numerous networking opportunities. The Boston Park Plaza hotel is one of the city's most coveted locations to this day – just 3 miles from Logan International Airport and across from America's oldest public park, The Boston Common. For additional information visit www.bostonparkplaza.com.

Please click below to view the Advance Program and see what's in store!

To register for the meeting, please visit https://www.signup4.net/Public/ap.aspx?EID=2014517E

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In Memoriam: Dr. Per-Ola Granberg 1921-2014

Professor Per-Ola Granberg (PeO) was an outstanding figure and a pioneer in developing endocrine surgery in Sweden. He was instrumental in forming the first endocrine surgical association within the Nordic Surgical Society in 1972 and one of the founders of IAES in 1979, and president of IAES 1983-85. One of his most important contributions was to introduce fine-needle aspiration and cytology of thyroid nodules internationally. This method is now used routinely in the initial evaluation of thyroid nodules.

PeO had a unique and wonderful ability to maintain a collegial atmosphere. Many colleagues all over the world will always remember the pleasure of working and meeting with this inspiring surgeon, teacher, and friend, Per-Ola Granberg.

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AAES Job Board

Drs. Eren Berber and Wen T. Shen have been instrumental in developing the new AAES Job Board online. Members and friends of endocrine surgery alike can populate and connect through this portal. Please visit http://jobs.endocrinesurgery.org/ today to post a job opening or peruse the current listings.

Please also visit http://www.endocrinesurgery.org/documents/Open-Positions.pdf to see more offerings which are not yet listed on the Job Board.

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Masters Courses in Endocrine Surgery


2014 Annual Chicago Masters Course in Endocrine Surgery
June 13-14, 2014
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Chicago, IL
Flyer: http://www.endocrinesurgery.org/resources/documents/MCES_Chicago.pdf

Durham Masters Course in Endocrine Surgery
September 5-6, 2014
Duke University
Durham, NC
For more information, please contact bev@bscmanage.com

For more information on these and other endocrine community related events, please visit our website at http://www.endocrinesurgery.org/resources/meetint.html

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Endocrine Community Marketplace

  • If you have an endocrine training opportunity, research survey, or job listing that would be relevant to the AAES Membership and want to pay to have an email blast sent to the full membership, please contact information@endocrinesurgery.org to find out more about pricing.

  • Need that special fashion forward endocrine system accessory to complete your look? Or a gift for a special endocrine someone? Please visit the AAES Store at https://store.endocrinesurgery.org/ to purchase an endocrine system themed scarf or tie!

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