Consultant Surgeon in Endocrine and General Surgery

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Applications are invited for the post of Consultant in Endocrine and General Surgery at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust in United Kingdom.

Post holder will work alongside the 2 existing Endocrine Surgeons Mr. Ioannis Christakis and Mr. David Chadwick. The post holder will work alongside the other Endocrine and General Surgeons and be responsible to the Head of Service for Upper GI/Endocrine Surgery and the Divisional Director for Surgery. The successful candidate will be expected to have passed the Intercollegiate exam in General Surgery (or equivalent); to have or be within 6 months of their CCT at the time of interview; and to have extensive experience in endocrine surgery and in emergency general surgery. The post-holder will be expected to contribute to the out-patient and surgical treatment of patients with thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal pathology; to work closely with the current endocrine surgeon to develop the service and provide flexible cover for theatre lists; and to be a core member of the Thyroid Cancer Multidisciplinary Team and the Adrenal MDT. A strong commitment to demonstrating excellent outcomes is expected.

Main duties of the job:

Elective endocrine/general surgery activities will be cross-covered with the current endocrine surgeon, to maximise utilisation of available lists. No elective activity is scheduled whilst undertaking EGS activity. When not undertaking EGS activity, weekly scheduled activity will comprise:

  • One all-day elective operating list for endocrine surgery per week
  • One day-surgery operating list (all day) per month
  • One all-day elective general surgery operating list 2 out of 4 weeks
  • One out-patient endocrine clinic per week
  • Thyroid MDT meeting weeks 1,3 5 per month

Administration time related to elective activity:

2 hours per week (admin related to EGS workload is carried out during the EGS period)

The EGS/on-call commitment will include 5 weeks (Mon-Fri) per year of day-time EGS cover, plus 10 weekend days and 10 weekend nights, supported by Junior staff. This post is deemed to be in Category A, with a 3% uplift. During the on-call period all elective activity will be covered by the current endocrine surgeon.

About us: The Endocrine Surgery Unit at NUH is one of the few Units in the UK that manages the entire spectrum of benign and malignant endocrine conditions for Nottingham and is a tertiary referral centre for the surrounding area, receiving referrals from Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire, covering a population of 2.2 million. The unit carries out approximately 90 thyroid operations, 80-100 parathyroid operations and 20-30 adrenal operations each year. The Unit sees close to 1500 patients in the Outpatients Department every year. The Nottingham Emergency General Surgery Service has evolved in recent years, to provide consultant-led emergency surgical care, with day-time cover provided by an emergency surgeon of the day, supported by a fully-staffed Surgical Triage Unit (STU), for the rapid and efficient assessment of patients. There is rapid access to diagnostic imaging, including ultrasound scanning in the STU, and the unit has brought about major improvements in patient flow and reductions in in-patient admissions, changes which have been recognised nationally. The Trust hosts the regional major trauma centre and performs the highest volume of emergency laparotomy in the country, with excellent outcomes documented in the National Emergency Laparotomy Audit.

The post-holder will be expected to participate in the EGS rota and to provide out-of-hours emergency cover, in conjunction with the other General/Specialty Surgeons.

How to apply: